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Want to connect with someone of the opposite sex living in your area. You can call 24 hours a day and leave/retrieve messages. You can listen to other people's messages that they leave in there voice mail boxes or you can leave your own message. The best thing about the dateline is that you listen to live voices, with people being honest and telling what they are looking for to complete their lives.

The police use them, as well as millionaires, past presidents, movie stars, and the list goes on and on. Now it is your turn! Why worry about tomorrow, when you can have the answers today. Find out about your future Relationships, Career, Love, Money, Success, and Health with one of our metaphysical advisors. Make decisions with confidence! Available 24 hours a day. CALL TODAY!

Guys, you can call and talk to beuatiful girls anytime day or night. Our girls will talk to you about anything you are interested in. It's a fun line for guys to call!

Anyone can call and get the latest sports scores, point spreads, and trivia game. There is an expanded menu including financial markets and stock market quotes.

Soap Opera-Line
Stay in touch with your favorite soap operas. Don't miss anything with our up-to-date information.

Get your daily horoscope and be prepared for today.

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